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Ten-minute time saver
September 2017

Winkhaus is claiming a time-saving of up to ten minutes per window with the launch of its aluPilot fitting system.

National sales manager Mike Rushen said: “Tests conducted with manufacturers during aluPilot’s development and ensuing roll-out to European systems houses have confirmed these savings. aluPilot suits all types of applications, both commercial and residential.”

The company credits four concepts: fastening, tooling, design and handling plus a combination of other factors for the ten minutes’ time-saving.

It says the fastening concept uses fewer screw positions, which means all the hardware parts can be joined to the sash outerframe using ‘clamp and clip technologies’. The screws don’t enter the profile, so securing components with clamps and clips makes fabrication faster.

Connecting the sash components are drive rods, which are available in seven fixed lengths.

This eliminates preliminary work steps, such as punching and cutting connecting rods to length. All the main parts arrive already pre-assembled, so these can be installed straightaway in the window.

The aluPilot tooling concept eliminates production steps associated with inserting hardware. Two screwdrivers and an installation lever are all that’s required to install and adjust the components, so no need for time-consuming and costly machines, such as punches.

The system’s design means fitting components are installed frontally into the fitting groove of the sash or frame without the need to punch out the sash groove. As the fixed lengths are delivered cut to size, all components are simply slid into place.

Finally, it says there’s much less handling involved during installation as pre-installed components reduce the number of parts in a set of fittings by up to 25%. Everything is supplied pre-assembled to the manufacturer’s bespoke requirements.

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