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September 2017

BUSINESS MICROS has supplied a custom-built system for Doorco. The system has taken Business Micros more than 12 months to build because it is designed specifically to enable Doorco to deliver on its primary objectives which were to guarantee faster deliveries and improved OTIF scores for its distribution and manufacturing customers.

The software builds the order for Doorco, plans it into production and then even tracks it around the factory using a series of Scanpoint stations, giving the production team a constant overview of performance. The first phase of the project is said to have been such a success that the companies are already moving on to phase two which is to add despatch planning, further EDI links and customer relationship management (CRM).

Doorco operations director Jayne Sullivan said: “Because our business is unique in the composite door sector, it made sense for us to work with an experienced, well resourced supplier who could deliver us the custom-made IT solution which we knew we needed. Just as we do with our customers, we’ve worked collaboratively with Business Micros throughout and we’re delighted with what we have delivered together. It is saving customers’ time and giving them greater flexibility, whilst at the same time improving our efficiency. Our OTIF scores are already improving and our product quality and consistency remain second to none.”

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