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September 2017

A pair of would-be burglars have given BRISANT SECURE the best possible testimonial for its Ultion lock when the whole of their botched break-in was caught on security video.

Homeowner Amjid Khan had been out for the day when his neighbours called to say someone had tried to break in. 

“When I got home, I saw the house was secure but someone had snapped the handle and the external barrel of the cylinder lock. However, the main part of the cylinder was still in the door and stopped the burglars getting in. When I saw what happened I contacted a locksmith immediately and later that day I tweeted to recommend Ultion to everyone I knew.”

Brisant Secure CEO Nick Dutton added: “The two sacrificial sections on Ultion had been snapped and the cylinder had gone into ‘Lock Down Mode’. The burglars couldn’t get to the attack lock because it was protected deep inside a solid molybdenum core – 25% denser than iron - and secured with a dedicated retaining pin. You can hear how easily the handle got snapped off, but they couldn’t open the door because Ultion was still secure.

Amjid continued: “The Ultion lock came as standard on my door. I’d asked the installer for a decent lock but didn’t realise how it was until after the fact! I’m just so glad it stopped them getting in. It looks like they tried for more than three minutes.” 

Amjid continues: “I specifically asked my locksmith for the same replacement lock and I’m upgrading the lock on the back door to Ultion too. I’ve recommended it to all my family and friends.” 

The video can be seen in full at

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