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Aspirational addition
November 2018

VBH has launched Aspire, a new suite of handles and finger pulls suitable for aluminium, timber and PVC-U lift and slide doors as part of its greenteQ range.

The Aspire handle is suitable for operating heavy doors, as the door is lifted from its resting position into slide mode. Its 250mm lever provides leverage to drive the mechanism so that lift/slide sashes can be up to 3335mm wide and weigh up to 400Kg depending on the gear used.

Marketing manager Gary Gleeson explained: “The technology available now results in a smooth sliding action and the ability to produce very large and heavy sashes for this type of installation.

“Wall to wall, floor to ceiling lift and slide doors are super trendy – the stuff of Grand Designs. Clean lines and big glazed spans deliver a major wow factor to any room. Their popularity is growing, they are reliable, and are easy to operate with stylish greenteQ Aspire handles on even the heaviest door.”

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