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CABís Magnificent 7
May 2019

CAB ceo presenting a membership plaque to
Andrew Robinson, United Anodisers

CAB CEO, Justin Ratcliffe (left) and CAB Director,
Adrian Toon, a2n Management (right) presenting plaques
to new members (from left to right: Anne Coulter, Soft Tech;
Chris Reeks, Fentrade and Richard Fraser, Window Ware)

The busy CAB Lounge at FIT Show 2019 was a great
meeting point for members and their customers

CAB has continued to grow its membership this year and during a highly successful FIT Show 2019 last week presented plaques to some of the 7 most recent members. These companies had been drawn not only by the Association’s proactive technical and marketing activities but also by new recycling and training initiatives.

CAB has recently been joined by:

• Fentrade
• GlassHus Facades
• L P Window Controls
• Presstek
• Soft Tech (England)
• United Anodisers
• Window Ware

While the marketplace has been affected by political uncertainty, confidence has still remained which was backed up by the latest CAB State of Market Survey for Q1, 2019 highlighting that 63% net balance of members forecasted sales growth over the next 12 months.

Crucially members have also indicated confidence in increasing capital investment over the same period. Aluminium has always maintained a strong presence in the commercial sector, but its market share in residential/domestic applications in recent years has grown steadily from 4-5% to 13-14% and is still rising.

CAB has worked hard to highlight this growth and launched a new website
at the FIT Show to provide an authoritative source of information for the homeowner.

Joining CAB can help develop your technical capabilities

CAB Technical Director, Justin Furness looks at how the Association promotes and defends aluminium in the built environment

Do you need to know which regulations you should be addressing?
Do you need to know how British and European standards apply to your projects?
Do you need to know where to get impartial information, advice and guidance on technical issues?
If you are looking for the answers to any of the above questions, then joining CAB says could be the solution.

Membership Benefits

One of the advantages of being a member of CAB is priority access to our technical helpline. While we can’t promise to be able to answer every question, we work on the principle that if we can’t help, we aim to find someone that can.
We have a wide range of user-friendly Guidance Notes available to members that cover many of the frequently asked questions, on topics ranging from Part L to BIM.

Our Standards Watch service will track all the British and European standards that are important in a member’s business and alert you when any changes to these documents are in the pipeline, helping you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The Voice for the Sector

Would you like to influence standards and regulations before they impact on your business?
• Would you like to know which policies and technologies will emerge in the future that you need to prepare for now?

If you would, then joining CAB could be the solution.

Develop Your Technical Capabilities

We have access to the critical standards and industry committees in the UK and Europe, where we can ensure that the interests of members are properly considered in forthcoming standards and regulations.

Our Insight newsletter keeps members up to date with industry changes that could impact their business.

Each CAB member has a seat on our Technical Committee where important issues of the day are discussed, with three meetings a year. We maintain an open, two-way dialogue with members.

Please find out more about how CAB can help your business gain an edge contacting us on 01453 82 8851 or email

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