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Direct drive
May 2019

DORMAKABA, manufacturer of access and security products, has launched its first revolving direct drive said to have reduced issues resulting from wear because it has no gearing components. 

The new direct drive uses magnetic induction to rotate the revolving door panels, giving a more energy efficient and reliable solution, especially for buildings with high foot traffic such as commercial and office spaces. 

The KTV3 and KTV4 revolving doors are now available with dormakaba’s new direct drive technology. The thin design of the direct drive makes the revolving doors sleeker and means the canopy height can be reduced to measurements from 100mm.  

Lee Chandler, Product Marketing Manager – Automatic Entrance Systems, said: “Providing a smooth, quiet door operation with a reduction in wear due to the elimination of gearing components and transmission belts and chains is a major benefit for the end user, as additional costs from maintenance can be reduced. Increased positioning accuracy also limits the temperature exchange between the interior and exterior of a building, reducing the chance of drafts.”

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