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£3,000 guarantee
June 2019

WINLOCK SECURITY is launching its StrongholdSecurity Guarantee, which offers up to £3,000 worth of compensation if a burglary or break-in is down to a failure of the company’s security components.

The guarantee covers £1,000 to make a house secure, £1,000 to cover any insurance excess and £1,000 for the inconvenience, all paid directly to the homeowner. It is valid for ten years and is fully transferable to new owners if a house is sold.

“With new housing having to fully comply with PAS24 under Part Q regulations we hope to incentivise our customers to do the same for all installations with our new StrongholdSecurity Guarantee, ” said managing director Alan Parker.

“Our products are designed to provide the highest level of security; tested to PAS24 specification and beyond. We are therefore extremely confident that our doors and window security components will keep unwanted intruders out. We wanted to pass this assurance onto our customers, putting our money where our mouth is and offering them the highest value guarantee on the market.”

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