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Dedicated installer site
January 2020

Hardware manufacturer AVANTIS has launched a dedicated installer website for its Kubu smart lock system.

Once registered and signed up, Kubu Pro installers will get access to the Kubu Pro portal, which is an exclusive resource centre that contains marketing material including images, videos, brochures, leaflets and showroom displays.

Once homeowners have had their Kubu Equipped Doors fitted by installers, they can buy their Smart Kits directly from the Kubu website and set it up themselves, connecting to the Kubu App and Home Hub.

CEO Mark Bromley said: “We’ve created the brand new Kubu Pro website to make it really easy for installers promote and demonstrate Kubu to potential customers.

“Via the website, installers can sign up to become a Kubu Pro and find a fabricator that is fitting Kubu Equipped Door Locks into their doors as standard.”

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