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20 years guaranteed
January 2020

Brisant-Secure is upping the ten-year guarantee on its Sweet hardware system to 20 years following results of testing of its handles and letterplates over the last year.

The company says the choices it made in manufacturing, coating with six layers of armour, have paid off. It put a handle in an independent test chamber and says it still looked great, even after being hammered with saltwater for over 8,000 hours, 30 times longer than required for the EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.

CEO Nick Dutton said: “Brisant aims to be at the forefront of development, whether that is keeping door furniture looking great against extreme weather conditions or staying on-trend with the launch of the new rose gold.”

In addition to the standard colour range, Brisant has added the rose gold. 2020 also sees the introduction of the two-part knocker which is still true to the Sweet design concept but moving on from the historical ‘urn’ knockers.

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