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24th year of GSB
January 2019

VERTIK-AL has been awarded the GSB International seal for Approved Coated Aluminium for the 24th year, and reaffirmed its claim as the only applicator in the UK and Ireland to hold the licence.

GSB International makes the award after a positive approval of the powder coating process from pre-treatment through to testing of the finished product. During pre-treatment the awarding body is looking at etch rates, coating weights and rinse conductivity. Attention then turns to the oven temperature; it is essential that the material is in the oven for the correct amount of time and at the right temperature.  The finished material is then put through a rigorous testing regime which includes mechanical testing, pressure cooking and AASS testing. The finished coating must also be of the correct appearance, thickness and gloss level.

Vertik-Al quality manager Matthew Hill, pictured, said: “The GSB International quality seal, coupled with the Qualicoat licence, means our customers can be confident that all the materials leaving our factory are of the highest standard. In fact, we’re that committed to quality that we are happy to offer 30-year guarantee on all AkzoNobel gloss, satin and matt finishes, and that is extended to 40 years with AkzoNobel’s Interpon D2525.”

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