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Modularisation - The Future of
Facade Installation
February 2019

Time on site is costly, the provision of equipment, services and people all add up to a considerable cost. Add the non-productive time or loss of revenue for the client during the construction phase of his project, and we can see how important a tight programme is. So anything which helps speed up the process would have a direct implication on build costs.

Offsite construction technology continues to advance and, with modern techniques, both structure and finished envelope can be assembled in a matter of days rather than weeks. Exponents of this technology claim that build times can be reduced by up to thirty percent.

This modular approach can include finished, fitted, weathertight windows and facades. Modularisation on this level works particularly well when there is a repeat in the structure or envelope, such as offices or apartment design. The recently completed, Plot 24 residential apartments at Royal Wharf, London, utilises a modular construction, consisting of a concrete, on-site assembled structure with brick faced facade panels which include fitted aluminium window systems from Aluprof. The precast system was designed, manufactured and installed by Byldis of the Netherlands. Managing Director of Aluprof UK comments, “Great to see completed building with glazing system supplied by Aluprof and incorporated into precast elevation panels by Byldis. A truly revolutionary approach which we hope to work in close collaboration on future projects in the UK.”

Plot 24 was designed by Glenn Howells and delivered on site by TODD Architects Limited. The completed build at Royal Wharf now releases almost two hundred apartments into the London city housing Market. Contractors on site were the Ballymore Group and project management undertaken by Acumen.

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