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Panoramic addition
February 2019

New from SCHUECO UK is the AWS 75 PD.SI Panorama window, designed for the construction of ribbon windows and as an insert in a Schueco mullion/transom façade system such as the FWS 35 PD. 

The AWS 75 PD.SI window features reduced internal and external face-widths as low as 55 mm to deliver a new level of transparency, yet still achieve a Uw value of 0.87 W/m2K. This is in line with the company’s other Panorama systems that all offer the narrow face-widths that make possible large areas of clear glazing without any diminution of the insulation values. 

The AWS 75 PD.SI can accommodate vent sizes up to 2.5 m and glass weights up to 160 kg, with watertightness up to 600 Pa and burglar resistance up to RC2. 

A range of profiles includes corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical and asymmetrical mullions and Schueco TipTronic automated toplights.

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