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Safe and sound
December 2019

EMMEGI (UK) is launching the Satellite XTE, an updated version of its Satellite XT 5-axis machining centre featuring a new ergonomically designed cabinet which provides improved safety, better soundproofing and easier visibility for the operator.

The original Satellite XT has a mobile gantry for milling, drilling, tapping and processing five workable sides on large sections of aluminium and steel. The new model features the same 15kW electrospindle and 500mm blade tool and the same set up, but is with a larger 24-position tool magazine and exchanger arm system for faster tool changeover.

The new cabinet, with wide glazed sections, gives the operator a better view of machining taking place and opens up in two sections to provide easier access for cleaning and maintenance. It also reduces noise volumes and effectively segregates the work area from the rest of the tool magazine to better contain the swarf, with the option of dedicated machine fume extraction if required.

The Satellite XT already allows users to work in dynamic double mode so that while sections are being machined on one side of the machine, the next sections can be positioned via workpiece clamps on the opposite side. On the XTE version, this feature is enhanced thanks to new compact and sturdy independent servo-controlled clamps.

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