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Glass cutting master class
December 2019

An industrial glass cutting master class hosted by BOHLE as part of its campaign to support industry up-skilling was attended by more than 20 glass processing and IGU professionals.

Proceedings began with a presentation from Hegla’s Steve Goble and Jörg Zimmermann on the latest innovations in glass cutting tables, loading, storage and automation.

This was followed by a presentation by Dr Michael Emonds, Senior Chemist, Chemetall on the science which underpins efficient cutting of glass and the critical role that the choice of cutting fluid plays within it. He argued that glass processors and IGU manufacturers who relied on dry cuts or used substandard cutting fluids were losing tens of thousands a year in increased processes and poor edge-quality. 

This was followed by a presentation by Dennis Kampmann, Director of Industrial Glass Cutting, Bohle, who explored themes previously touched on by Emonds on the critical importance that choosing the right cutting wheel for different glass types, and therefore, the right cutting wheels play in edge quality.

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