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ASA warns again on phoney 
scrappage sites
August 2019

The ASA has issued another warning over misleading fake scrappage funding sites, instructing Zenith owner Clearwin Ltd and website operator KS Online not to claim they were offering ‘official funding’ for home upgrades.

The authority was investigating complaints relating to a number of sites making claims of ‘funding’ available for scrapping old windows and upgrading to more energy efficient ones.

It says Clearwin had responded saying the Kairos Group, of which Clearwin was a part, operated a recycling plant and passed back financial gains in the form of a ‘scrappage’ subsidy.

KS Online did not reply to the ASA, which was concerned at its ‘ lack of response and apparent disregard for the Code’.
The authority concluded: “We told Clearwin Ltd and KS Online Ltd not to falsely claim or imply that they were acting for purposes outside their trade or business and to make clear the commercial intent of their marketing.

“We told them not to misleadingly claim that they were offering consumers access to official funding for home upgrades if that was not the case.”

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